Download BlogBook and Teaching Material

The following blogbook files have now been put on Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive:

1) All blog posts (but excludes blog pages) as of 12th October 2015, File size: 279 KB, Pages: 86

2) 3 individual blog page prints using Chrome browser Print (to PDF) command.

3) Directory/Zipfile containing Powerpoint slides (ppt), Source code (.cpp), Source code pdf etc. files

4) Directory 201809-Redundant-RepeatedInfo (or individual files of the directory) which has two BlogBook pdf files of all posts (but not blog pages) of year 2013 and year 2014 taken on 17th Sept. 2018. However these two pdf files, in all probability, simply repeat information provided in File 1) mentioned above: 20151012-raviiyerteaches-wordpress-com-blogbook.pdf

— end list of blogbook files —

Blog Export File

The blog export file (.xml format) is available publicly for those users who would like to download it to recreate the blog but with a different name and under their ownership.

This file is named ravisiyer039ssoftwarelabcourses.WordPress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml where YYYY, MM and DD give the date the export file was created e.g. ravisiyer039ssoftwarelabcourses.WordPress.2018-09-13.xml. These blog export files are placed in the Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive: